Do You Have A Great Sense Of Anti-Direction? A Quiz

AntiDirection ed

Do you always turn the wrong way? Do you struggle with your right and left? This quiz is for you!

If you’re famed amongst family and friends for having no sense of direction, your navigational confidence may be at an all-time low. But this quiz could turn your life around. Maybe it’s not that you have a poor sense of direction; you actually have a perfect sense of anti-direction!

Take this quiz or send to a directionally-challenged friend to find out.

  1. Do you get lost in public toilets?
  2. Especially service station toilets?
  3. Every time?
  4. Where is North? Any idea?
  5. Do have to subtly pretend to write to work out which is your right hand?
  6. Do you need SatNav to do any journey beyond a mile of your home?
  7. Have you ever gone the wrong way out of a motorway services or garage and only realised miles later?
  8. Do you turn the wrong way out of lifts?
  9. Do ambiguous arrows give you the fear?
  10. Does your two-year-old have a far better sense of direction than you?
  11. Does your partner ring you at your ETA with a mixture of concern and amusement to check you got there OK?
  12. Do you get lost in Tesco carpark?
  13. If you’re swimming, do you know which way is up? (Thank goodness for instinct, eh?)
  14. Do your children / friends groan when you get lost AGAIN?
  15. Do you ring your partner to verify SatNav if it sends you on a detour to avoid traffic? Do you end up ignoring both of them and doggedly sit in gridlock rather than trust their witchcraft?
  16. Do you immediately glaze over when someone is giving you directions – they are wasted on you?
  17. Do you frequently take wrong turns despite SatNav?
  18. Do you wish SatNav could be more personal and encouraging: “Oops we came off the wrong exit there, but let’s go back and try again shall we?” rather than diverting you round the houses, with you having no choice but to obey blindly, blinking back tears of frustration at your own ineptitude?
  19. Do other people glaze over when you are giving directions because they know they are wasting their time?
  20. Do you secretly enjoy going your own sweet way, “right” or “wrong”?
  21. Despite all the above, do you frequently insist that your way is the correct one and regularly get into heated arguments about it, even though you are always wrong?

If you answered yes to half or more of the above questions, congratulations! You are blessed with a perfect sense of anti-direction!



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