Snowflake Christmas Brownie: The Perfect Christmas Gift, from Bakedin

Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas meets Michel Roux. A recipe made in heaven – that even I couldn’t mess up.

Brownie ed

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who would give homebaked gifts at Christmas and entertain my kids and their friends with cute baking experiences – despite never having done any such thing ever in my life.

So when Bakedin sent me a little box of delights, I fulfilled the latter dream (afraid I was too greedy to give it away!). The magical box popped through the letterbox right on the day one of the boys had a playdate at home. It contained everything needed to produce a festive treat and an easy step-by-step guide to doing so.

I don’t know about you, but I find weighing and measuring with children a giant pain, as they push down on the scales, whack the bottom of the flour packet producing a cloud of mess, and generally make it all take a lot longer than it should. Never mind hunting down the tub of cocoa powder that hasn’t been seen since 2006. So to have all the ingredients in little pre-weighed packages was a great boon, allowing us to jump straight to the whack it in and stir it stage that the children love so much.

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All you have to provide is an egg and 65g butter – which for obvious reasons are not included in the box.

So we mixed up our flour, sugar, cocoa powder, cranberries, pecans and orange essence into a yummy goo, following the recipe of none other than world-renowned chef, Michel Roux (uncle of Michel Roux Jnr of Masterchef fame). Famous for his pastry expertise, three Michelin-starred Michel devises the recipes offered by Bakedin’s monthly baking club.

While it was cooking we cut out the snowflake shape from the template provided (there was even a perfectly sized piece of baking paper in the box to save that moment of realisation that you ran out last Christmas). A bit fiddly for a five-year-old, so I did it, but I let them sprinkle on the icing sugar when the brownie had cooled to produce the beautiful snowflake brownie. (Please ignore the hole where my son stuck his finger in – just to see…!)

I felt like Kirsty, Nigella and Mary Poppins all wrapped into one!

As you can see, the final result was not huge, but plenty for six slices. I loved the orangey hint to the chocolate and it was a delicious squidgy treat to end a pretty successful playdate.

A bake in a box would be a lovely gift – and one that keeps on giving, as you can buy a monthly subscription (3 months and upwards). I am delighted to offer a discount code for your first month’s subscription, bringing the price to £3.99 (full price £9.99). Just type in wrymummy on Bakedin, where prompted.

Brownie Collage


Happy baking and a very happy Christmas!


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