Is Your Child A Boy Or A Girl? A Quiz

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These cuties are from M&S Baby. This is not a sponsored post.

Are children children or do boys and girls have discerning characteristics? Take this simple quiz to find out whether your child is a boy or a girl.

  1. Can your child pass a wall without walking on it?
  2. Does your child like drawing, painting, colouring and looking at books?
  3. If your child sees a stick, does he pick it up? Every time?
  4. Does your child frequently ask you to “smell the air”, while cackling madly?
  5. Does your child eat his/her own snot / sleep / ear wax?
  6. Do you know whose lightsaber this is?Lightsaber for Is Your Child a Boy or a Girl?
  7. Can you child pass a high wall without wanting to jump off it?
  8. Do you regularly find Lego in your bed / shoes / washing machine?
  9. Do you have an opinion on who would win out of a baby megalodon and a saltwater crocodile?
  10. Can you child walk round a puddle, rather than through it?
  11. Does your child enjoy making bug – dead or alive – collections of a summer?
  12. Does your child tell you s/he loves you several times a week?
  13. Does s/he also announce, often in public, that “You are a poo!”?
  14. When your child draws or makes something, is it usually something to do with towers, planes or fighting?
  15. Which Gup is this?GupD
  16. Does your child like playing with cuddly toys?
  17. Does your child find coats an affront and throw them at you at the earliest opportunity?
  18. Can your child ever talk at an ambient volume?
  19. Are “bum, poo and wee” the funniest words your child has ever heard?
  20. Does your child ask for food every half hour?
  21. Are clothes an encumbrance to your child, to be shed as soon as possible?
  22. Are sharks your child’s favourite animal?
  23. If you child dresses up, is it usually as a baddy, e.g. a Dark Side member?
  24. Is Steve Backshall pretty much God in your child’s eyes?
  25. Does your child often wee outside, and seem to prefer it?
  26. Does your child like to sit on your lap?
  27. Does your child have more energy than the sun?
  28. Can your child ignore a ball?
  29. Does everything become a weapon in your child’s hand, even before they’ve ever had so much as a water pistol?
  30. Could you child outrun a pack of wolves?
  31. Does your child love a big mummy cuddle?

If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, your child is a boy. Or a girl.

I have to apologise but I’ve tricked you (sorry!) into contributing to a crowd-sourced quiz: you provide the conclusion! Note: This is not going to be published in a scientific journal. Or, um, anywhere (except maybe in a follow-up post depending on the response). I’m just interested. I’m not generalising in the questions above, these are observations based on my small sample of three boys, with a bit of corroboration from their friends who come to play. But of course I don’t see what their friends are like at home so I wouldn’t presume to categorise them by their behaviour in the presence of my sweet, caring Spinjitsu masters.

I’m not coming down either way on the “nature or nurture” gender debate, I’m just interested to hear in the comments whether all, most or any of these features are universal and what you’d add.

Thank you!

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  • Having patented both I can say that all of my kids would do some of these, but some off them my boys would definitely be more likely to do than my daughter. At the age of 14, my son still brought a massive stick home the other day!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Grade 2 ballet examMy Profile

  • I completely agree that kids should be allowed to play with whatever they want. But as a mum of two boys, my boys want to play with cars. And despite a no gun rule they will turn anything into a weapon. I think there are distinct differences between girls and boys from a very young age. I always remember my friends with girls chatting to me with their daughters sat happily on their laps, whilst my sons always wanted to wiggle off and be on the move. Yes it’s a sweeping generalisation, but girls and boys are different. And personally I think that’s ok, and it should be celebrated. I don’t think as a girl myself I will ever understand the fart humour!
    Claire at Life Love and Dirty Dishes recently posted…Rookie Mistakes – A Guest Post by The Years Are ShortMy Profile

    • Wry Mummy says:

      I feel the same, Claire, despite me banning toy weapons for years, that is just what they want to play with. And mine have never sat on my lap for more than a minute, unless I am stashing Haribo. I guess some girls are like that too, I just don’t see many girls in action as my guys aren’t interested in having them over! I do like a good fart joke though – maybe just cos I’m puerile at times!

  • Oh my, how wry! I just found your blog (mine is a wry look at life) I must follow since you are surely me, some twenty years ago or so. My five, three girls, two boys, are now grown and three have children of their own. So I am Grandma to four boys and two girls and so the story grows…I have always believed that boys are boys and girls are girls, ok they swap toys now and then but girls gain their independence aged two and boys wrap themselves round your neck forever. Girls do actually return to the virtual nest when they are grown of course and realise the value of their mother. Do sample my blog when you get a minute – you do get a minute at some point don’t you???? ha ha! Thanks for entertaining me. Debbie.
    Deborah Barker recently posted…Biscuits and kind words …My Profile

  • I’d answer yes to just about every one of these questions. For my little girl

  • laura dove says:

    Fab post! I was nodding along for my boys and my girls! I hate that in this day and age we still have such gender stereotypes, especially where children are concerned. #brilliantblogposts

  • I love this. I have two boys, both very different to one another. My eldest is quiet and shy, he enjoys drawing, sitting, playing games, anything that doesn’t involve effort… he’s also a tween (but he’s always been this way). My youngest, who’s just turned 7, couldn’t be more different. He loves kicking, bouncing, hitting balls, he loves the outdoors, and he’s always active. He has more of a social life than me (not hard), enjoys playing pool, and fighting with his brother. If I’d seen this quiz years ago, before having LP, I probably would’ve disagreed with all of them because BP is nothing like that. For me, a child is a child and they like what they like, whether they’re a boy or girl.

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