Rent (Don’t Buy) Your Skiwear This Season

Ecos ski rental piece Dinoski Tiger-7

Pounce the Tiger snowsuit available to rent at EcoSki. Pic: Dinoski.

Renting Skiwear = Better Kit, Better for the Planet – and It’s Covid-safe Too


EcoSki offers sterile, premium skiwear to rent

If you’re hoping to ski this season (pandemic-permitting), why not think about renting kit for you and the kids? Rent, with Covid-19 / Omicron? Is that safe? With EcoSki, yes. The company’s rental gear is more sterile than if it came off a shop floor, as it is all cleaned and repaired in a pristine warehouse in Scotland – it even goes through an ozone chamber! The factory is run on renewable energy and uses NikWax (which is PFC-free) to wash and reproof all the kit, ready to be delivered to the next happy customer.

So how does it work?

Simple. Head to EcoSki or MyWardrobeHQ and select your skiwear from EcoSki’s range of premium brands, including Dinoski, Patagonia, Picture, Mammut, Ortovox and many more. You can even rent goggles, gloves and base layers, or buy these through EcoSki. The kit is delivered to your doorstep by DPD carbon neutral couriers with a sterile certificate attached, 2-3 days before your holiday, you try it on (and exchange sizes if necessary), and then hit the slopes! You get back from your hols, shove everything unwashed in a bag, stick on the prepaid returns label and drop it at your local DPD drop-off point – easy as that!

Why rent, not buy?

Clothes rental is a huge trend now – so why not rent your skiwear too? It’s a great way to avoid what can be a high initial outlay on kit. Plus there’s no bulky kit to squash under the bed or in the loft afterwards. It’s the ideal option for children, first-timers and regular skiers who want the high performance and premium look, without the price tag. You don’t even have to wash it at the end of your holiday! 

Try before you buy. Trying out skiwear brands by renting means you can make better informed choices if you do wish to buy your own. You just can’t test skiwear in a changing room like you can on a mountain! EcoSki offers access to the highest-spec, most sustainably produced skiwear out there, so you get to see the difference for yourself and can make a planet-conscious choice. 

Look the part! If you’ve ever lovingly watched your child snow-ploughing down the home slope, only to realised it’s actually someone else’s kid, you’ll know how Decathlon’s jacket of the season tends to turn up all over the slopes. Renting lets you and the children stand out in the nicest togs, and you’ll look like you know your schuss from your slalom even if it’s your first ski holiday.

Rent goggles and other accessories too. With skiing it’s all in the details – cold fingers can ruin your day on the slopes and make children hate skiing! EcoSki can’t promise no tantrums, but it can rent you top-quality gloves, giving you the chance to try before you buy your own. EcoSki also rents helmets, socks, base layers and goggles – all essential items which add up financially. Snow glare is a big hazard so protecting your and your children’s eyes with high-end specialist goggles is important. Different weather conditions require different goggles, as anyone skiing through a white-out or in full sun knows, so renting is a good option if you don’t want to shell out for another pair.

If renting’s not for you, try preloved skiwear. If you would rather own your own, but can’t justify the cost of new, EcoSki has a preloved arm, EcoSki’d, where you can buy top quality items. If you decide to refresh your look in the future or no longer need it, you can give the kit back to EcoSki’d to be repaired, if necessary, and sold again (minus a commission fee). You will recoup some of your purchase cost and receive a voucher for your next purchase, continuing the cycle of reusing and making it more cost effective for you.

With all these benefits – saving money, hassle and cupboard space, plus enjoying the best quality gear on the slopes – comes the biggest win of all: it’s better for the planet.

Reduces waste. The majority of outgrown, damaged or simply unwanted clothing ends up in landfill. Polyester, nylon and other plastic-based fabrics take hundreds of years to break down, and meanwhile release toxic chemicals into the air and soil. Skiwear is a classic occasional-use item that is often discarded, with children’s skiwear having a particularly high turnover, as kids – obviously! – grow. Plenty of unwanted skiwear ends up on Ebay, in charity shops and other preloved outlets, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to put together one set of ski clothes, let alone for a whole family. And it may still end up being quite pricey, and not necessarily good quality. Renting from EcoSki is easy and convenient – they have all the kit you need in one place, the best quality and at an affordable price. And you are reducing your carbon footprint by keeping clothing in circulation. 

Reduces plastic. EcoSki only stocks brands which have industry-leading sustainability practices. They use innovative technology in their fabrics and waterproofing to reduce or avoid virgin plastic fibres and hazardous chemicals. Their manufacturing processes are more energy and water-efficient and they source responsibly.

Whatever you decide to wear, enjoy your ski trip whenever it finally happens!

Disclosure: This post was written in association with EcoSki but my opinions are my own unbiased views.