I Love The Way Babies

For my youngest
I love the way babies fit under my chin
When I’m cuddling them before bed.
I can’t help but pause before putting them in;
Just one more kiss on the head.
I love the way babies respond to a sound,
Dancing along to a tune.
I love how they totter and wobble around,
Their chubby arms reaching for you.
I love the way babies can drop off mid-chew,
In their highchair or out on the go.
Flick tea overboard looking sweetly at you
And misuse completely, “Uh oh”.
I love the way babies squeal with delight,
Find wonder in everything.
Their smile is the world’s most wonderful sight;
Making my weary heart sing.
I love the way babies chatter away
In a language I don’t understand;
Sit on the floor, engrossed in their play
While their brothers are making demands.
I love the way babies fold into my chest,
As if they were still in the womb.
And though I so wanted a few minutes’ rest,
I can’t bring myself now to move.
I love the way babies turn into children
Learn to “moo”, learn to “choo”, take first steps.
I love the way babies grow into young men,
But not yet, little baby, not yet.

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