The Perfect In-Between Weather Style Solution: Pertz Leggings Review

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Leggings – the unsung wardrobe hero. A pregnancy staple, saviour of the post-natal woman, and style sidekick before and beyond the baby years too. How do you wear yours?

With the changeable British summer weather, I’m caught between jeans and my summer dresses: it feels like admitting defeat to the elements to wear jeans, but it’s way too cold for a floaty dress. Enter the legging.

Leggings make minis wearable, tunics modest, and dresses warm enough. But there are leggings and leggings. My maternity ones are now finally too big, and I was left with a very old pair that had gone a bit baggy. So I was pleased to receive a pair of Pertz black leggings to liberate my wardrobe.

When I tried them on, I felt lighter than air, almost like they were lifting me up! I’d expected them to feel restrictive but they don’t at all. They are very comfortable and supportive, thanks to their sports-quality fabric.

I live in my skinny jeans, but it is always nice to rediscover some different looks – facilitated by legging – especially as the weather gets warmer (even if it’s still raining!).

What I Liked

– Flattering look. I think Pertz made my legs look and feel thinner and longer.

– Ideal for travel. With the flighty English weather, you can often get caught out in a dress. I took my Pertz with me on a recent day out and put them on when the day turned a bit chilly. They rolled up small enough to get in my small handbag. I plan to take them next time I go on a plane, and they would be great for a festival too.

– Comfortable.

– Easy care. They are machine washable and dry super quickly – in 15 minutes – another reason they are great for  travelling.


Other comments

– It takes a brave woman to wear leggings without a top that covers your bottom. In fact, there’s a whole meme about it: #leggingsarenotpants. So, as with any legging, you wouldn’t wear your Pertz without bottom coverage, because by their very close-fitting nature, VPLs are inevitable.

– Pertz have a sheen finish, but it is subtle and, for me, enhances the blackness and, therefore, flattering nature of them.

– The “hold-you-in” top section (an extra layer over the stomach area) is not really for public consumption, but as noted, you would cover this with a long top, tunic or dress anyway.

– Pertz don’t have the elasticated waistband you usually get on leggings, which takes a little getting used to, but actually means you don’t get the potential “bulge” over the top of a waistband that digs in.

What about you? Could your wardrobe live without leggings?

Disclosure: I was kindly sent a pair of Pertz for review purposes. All photos, words and opinions my own.


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