Are You At Risk Of Squandering Your Me-Time?

Squandering Me Time

Me, me, me-time – it’s the catchphrase of the 21st century, the saviour of sanity everywhere. But when – if – you finally get some of the fabled ‘me-time’, do you make the most of it? Do you right-size your mind? Or do you toss it to the winds?

The Problem

Me: I never get any me-time.

Him: I’ll take the kids out for a few hours.

[A few hours later…]

Me: You’re back already? [To kids: Hi, love you, missed you etc etc]

Him: I thought you’d have had your me-time? I’ve been gone four hours?

Me: I’ve done the dishwasher, three loads of washing, tidied my desk, hoovered, pruned the roses and cooked dinner and I’ve only JUST opened my magazine.

Him: [Shrugs in despair]

Does this sound like you? Then you could be at risk of squandering your me time.

Take this simple quiz to be sure.

1. You go shopping for yourself. You come back with clothes for the kids.

2. You get a lie-in. You lie awake stressing about the cacophony downstairs.

3. The kids are on a playdate. You deep-clean the loo.

If any of these sound familiar, you are at serious risk of squandering your me-time!

The Solution

1. Prepare for your me-time as you would a family holiday, with lists, packing, tidying, instruction-giving and contingency planning. This way, when the stopwatch starts on your me-time , you’ll be ready to squeeze every last drop out of it.


2. Demand more me-time.

What advice do you have for the serial squanderer of me-time?


  • I think we’re all doomed. We’re so used to doing everything for our kids all of the time that we find it impossible to do anything for ourselves!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Cycling in Amsterdam with my daughterMy Profile

  • Cat says:

    This is me, dear God, it’s me. I always need ‘me time’ to recover from ‘me time’ as I spend it running around like a maniac. Next time (ha) my husband takes the kids out I am going to make him lock me in my room of choice. With gin.

    Cat recently posted…Comment on Don’t Fuck with the system. Ever. by CatMy Profile

  • I’m a squanderer too. I usually end up running in circles half doing housework, half attempting to relax and doing neither properly! It’s probably because me-time is usually sprung on me and I have no time to plan all the lovely things I should do…
    Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From recently posted…Perpetual Dandelion WishesMy Profile

  • Tim says:

    My wife is exactly like this. I despair sometimes.

    I think the biggest challenge is purely mental. It’s too easy to view me-time as selfish and of secondary importance. For me, a little me-time is vital for maintaining a sense of self and as a means of recharging the batteries. Taking the kids out of the house doesn’t ever seem to work, though! I’m glad she does go out with friends at least 2-3 times a month – that, at least, takes her mind off what’s happening in the house, knowing that her *super-competent* husband – stop laughing! – has things under control. It’s not quite the same as having an evening purely to herself, but it’s a start.
    Tim recently posted…Podcast #2: The DADventurerMy Profile

  • Mummy Tries says:

    Tee hee, even the notion of deep cleaning the toilet fills me with despair! I think planning is key, I have a few friends that I make a point of seeing without the kids. We only get a few meet ups a year, so we treat ourselves and make a lovely day of it. I have one of these in two weeks time and am literally counting down the minutes 😉 Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…When A Break Is Not Really A BreakMy Profile

  • I do this every flipping time and it is so frustrating!! Why, why?? xx
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…At The End of The DayMy Profile

  • Oh this rings so true….. how many times have I done this aswell? I do love your observations on the everyday – always so bang on. I have a stack of unread magazines, and then I feel the pressure of not having enough me-time! Hope you are enjoying your holidays…. X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…Growing for herMy Profile

    • Wry Mummy says:

      Thanks Sarah – tis my only gift! Me too with the unread magazines. Worst of all, I read a couple of pages, have to stop, forget where I am, then read the same couple of pages again and again forgetting where I got to… Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday too! x

  • Sam says:

    My advice would be “don’t do the housework” but that’s easier said than done – no-one wants to live in a dirty hovel… I think it is one of those universal truths that however much “me” time you have the work expands to fill it. Which is bloody annoying. X
    Sam recently posted…My dream kitchenMy Profile

  • I used to be terrible but since I have started blogging although I am so much busier I seem more able to find a little time here and there for myself and have had some lovely little treats to pamper myself. Or even the lovely trips to London for Brit Mums and other blog events, in fact I love it when I have chill time on a train it is so relaxing x
    Sarah Christie recently posted…My Weekly Round Up and New BeginningsMy Profile

    • Wry Mummy says:

      Oh yes I love a train journey! Enforced chill time – and last time I went on one I found mini proseccos in the buffet. Unfortunately I was with all the children, though…x

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