Could You Give Up Blogging For Lent?

Lent is about giving up something important. If you cut me in half you’d see that I am 97% chocolate, so chocolate is what I normally give up. It is awful hard. But this year I have a new option. A new thing that would be very hard to relinquish. Blogging. Could you do it?

My Blog Is My Baby

I’ve noticed that many bloggers take breaks from their blog, particularly over the summer, and it makes sense to take a holiday from what is effectively a full-time job. Like parenting. And, well, full-time jobs. All somehow run concurrently. Surely sometimes, something has to give? On the other hand, my blog is six months old this week. We’ve come through the clueless early days, the long nights, the anxiety and the teething troubles, and we’ve just got to the stage where, like six-month old babies, it’s starting to get a bit more interesting, to give something back. A smile here, a gurgle there. Am I ready to give it up just as it learns to sit up by itself?

Pros to Giving Up Blogging For Lent

  • I’d get my life back.
  • My husband would get a word out of me in the evenings.
  • I wouldn’t bore my friends and family with it.
  • I’d get more sleep.
  • I could live through a moment without thinking about how to blog it.


  • I’d lose the connection with the special thing that I created.
  • I’d lose my community. The parent blogging world is a bit like an NCT group, which really starts to come into its own after a few months of co-experiencing the joys and travails of a newborn, offering fun and support. But only if you stay in touch.
  • I’d miss the warm feeling I get when someone responds to a post. When someone smiles at my baby.

Sorry, Cadbury’s, it’s Chocolate That’s Getting the Chop

Is this a case of “new mum syndrome”? Or would you find a 40-day blog-fast hard too? Maybe this time next year, I will feel like I can relinquish my toddler blog. But this Lent, it’s Freddo that has to go.

Farewell, dear Freddo
Note: I wrote this two years ago (in 2014) and have since managed to take the summers off the blog, which is very restful. But it’s still a wrench!
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