Beautiful New Baby Gift: Little Foundry Review


Little Foundry resized

I love buying new baby gifts. It’s an utter joy to think of a new little person in the world – that I don’t have to look after, hurrah! All our stuff has been through three not-very-careful owners now, so it’s a pleasure to browse the shiny, pretty things now on offer.

It’s an occasion of such joy and celebration. So momentous, in fact, that it is hard to buy something that truly reflects the miracle of their entrance into the world. And of course, you are expressing your love and affection for the parents through what you buy.

With the first baby in the family, you have free rein, knowing that the parents won’t have anything (much) already and may not even know what they need yet.

With lovely additions to a family, you need to veer away from the usual baby blankets, bodysuits and socks – unless it’s a different sex. I’m not saying that girls should wear pink, but when they don’t have any hair I know some mums like to make it obvious to the casual passerby that they’re a girl. (I have three boys – and they rock pink!)

A personalised gift is always a special choice, for a first, second or 19th baby. My friend has recently had her first, Rhys, and I was very lucky to be gifted this beautiful baby name picture from Little Foundry.

All the creations are handmade and arrive mounted and ready to hang, or display on a shelf, as I have above. I just adore the ticking backdrop to the beautifully crafted name. The girls’ version is lovely too:

Little Foundry Collage

This family company also offers another fantastic gift idea – either for yourself or for a friend or family member:  a handmade house portrait (which can be created from a photograph). Something for me to covet for another day – perhaps a letter to Father Christmas?

I’ve now sent my gorgeous gift to my friend, and she was delighted with it. It adds a lovely personal touch to her baby’s nursery and is something for him to cherish for years to come.

What baby gifts do you like to give? And receive?

Little Foundry house portrait

Disclosure: As mentioned, I was kindly gifted the ‘Rhys’ baby name artwork. All opinions and photographs of it are my own.  Other photographs courtesy of Little Foundry




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