The Goldilocks Poo

All kids love poo. Mine names his. This morning, we had the usual “just sat down for breakfast loo dash” and he produced three poos: a big one, a medium-sized one and a small one. “Like Goldilocks!” he cried. 

Faces in Poos

But his fascination with poo doesn’t end there. You may have heard of the popular Twitter account Faces in Things (@FacesPics). Well, my son sees Faces in Poos. Just this week, we’ve had Yoda, Mario and Daddy (ok, I made that last one up). He has an amazing knack for seeing shapes in sh*t. It’s like a sort of inverse cloud-gazing (something he’s also very good at).

“But the Poos Will Miss Christmas!”

While we’re here, I’m going to share another of my favourite poo stories. Christmas Day. My middle boy (of Goldilocks fame) is on the throne. I attend to him and, without thinking – foolish mother! – flush the loo, keen to get downstairs and start Christmas. My son bursts into tears. “Why did you flush it mummy?” “Because we need to send the poos away down the pipe.” “But now they’ll miss Christmas!”

Some children learn about life, love and loss through pets or cuddly toys. My son is taking these tough lessons from poo. And why not?

Let’s Turn Twitter Brown! #poofairytales #poocorner

I’ve never started a hash tag before, but, come on – poo fairy tales? It’s begging for it! Here’s mine for starters:

The Princess and the Poo
The Emperor’s Poo Clothes
The Elves and the Poomaker
Red Riding Pooed  
The Beauty and the Beast
And, of course:
Snow Sh*te

And if you ever have the, ahem, urge to share a poo story, why not do so on this hash tag #poocorner? After all, everyone loves a good poo story. 


“Who’s been s*itting in my chair?”
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