Are You Ever Too Old For A Jazzy Sock?

Is it time to hang up the hose?

Being shoeless in public is a feature of motherhood. Soft play, other people’s shiny houses, nursery – all demand one to display one’s socks. As I slip off my Uggs this winter, I’ve come to question – are my cute dachshund socks unbefitting a late-thirties mother-of-three?

Some have a shoe fetish – I’m all about the socks. I love a sock. After a hard day’s socking, I retire the choice of the day and change into an evening sock. And then later, I might just pop some bed socks on if it’s really cold. As vices go, it’s pretty harmless.

My sock drawer is an ode to jazz. Stripey, spotty, dachshund-y and most of all hearts-y, there isn’t a boring pair in there.

Except one. Lurking at the back of the drawer is a pair of navy abominations that I was given for Christmas one year. They are my absolute emergency socks.

You see, dark socks make me feel sad. Plain socks make me feel, well, plaintive. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but I am actually depressed even by the knowledge that I am wearing a drab pair. Catching sight of them at a serious person’s house (the only reason I would wear them) makes my heart sigh.

Some of my socks raise eyebrows. The fluoro pair in the photo above have caused many, otherwise quite open-minded, people to choke, “Wow, they’re…bright!” To which I reply, “I know – they’re my favourites”.

So much my favourite, that I mete out their use, so as not to wear through them. A sad day it is indeed, when I have to throw away a long-loved pair.

There is a middle ground of course. The flesh-coloured pop sock. The “I’m not making a statement either way” sock. The “sensible, fits in a pump” sock. The “only possible to wear for two weeks of the year cos it’s so cold and wet” sock. Although I do wear these in that miniscule period between wearing pumps or flipflops barefoot and entering the full-sock season of September, I can’t help feeling that they are just too grown-up for me. I appreciate their sophisticated charms, but they just don’t make my spirit zing.

I’m not ready to be sad for the rest of my life. The only hose I shall be hanging up this Christmas is my stocking for Santa.

But which one?

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  • Alexandra B. says:

    As someone with a minor sock addiction I say, one is never too old for cute and colorful socks. Rock the sock.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • The biggest of course!!!! Lol.
    Brilliant post as always xxx

  • I think this is the first ‘ode to socks’ I’ve ever read – just brilliant! With socks I’m all about the stripes. Love me a stripy sock. And huge knitted furry ones for curling up in on cold evenings. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou x

  • Anonymous says:

    The sock – preferably stripey, spotty, hearty or all three – is the unsung hero of a woman’s life. The battle of daily life can be won or lost at the moment of going to the sock pile – and I long ago stopped worrying about pairs, Who needs matching feet? Good Socks are the only thing I ever ask for at Christmas. Those who know – are you reading this? Great blog, the world needed this.

  • SarahMummy says:

    Yay! I don’t love socks quite as much as you, but I too favour cute and colourful. I have a veritable menagerie of socks – rabbits, foxes, owls, pandas… And some carrots. Life is too short for dark socks!

  • Older Mum says:

    I am a big fan of happy bright socks too, and I have a rather awesome selection of fluffy bed socks too! X

  • Love a bright sock but they make me feel like a child when I wear them. My daughter has some with moustaches on and I’ll admit that I’m a bit envious of all the fun patterns. Maybe I should give them another whirl? x

  • Baby girl was rocking a luminous pair today in your honour. Me, I love a knee sock. No judgement please. Great post as always. x

  • I could have written this post myself! Although I refuse to apologise for my rainbow sock drawer – I have every intention of wearing crazy socks till I’m old and grey! My current favourite pair is one that makes my feet look like froggies – the children love them!

  • Debbie Jones says:

    I used to be a dull sock kind of girl, but then I grew up too quick and so hit a period of regression which I’ve never really got over. I now love a colourful cheery sock. I’m currently rocking (*cough*) Christmas knickers and am desperately waiting for someone to tell me it’s still ok to wear ribbons in my hair.

  • Spidermummy says:

    hahaha this did make me chuckle! I hate to admit I was always very scathing of ‘jazzy’ sock wearers, however motherhood has brought out my inner jazz, and I am now to be found wearing a variety of the devils…. oh how we change lol x

  • Bab? I you are NEVER to old for a jazzy sock. At the mo? Am loving what can only be called a festive sock. One with gingerbread men on. I love a jazzy sock and comedy slippers. Basically? I am fit x

  • So late to the party – AGAIN! I have no time lately.
    But anyway i just wanted to say that i only own about one pair of black socks – the rest are crazy, i particularly like animals and fruits :)x

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