Covet Corner #1: 50 Shades of Grey

CC Pink flamingoes

“Do not murder” I can do. But ‘Do not covet”? No chance! If you have a handbag I like, I’m going to go ahead and covet it. If I fancy your wallpaper, I won’t rest till I’ve extracted the full details from you. I just can’t help myself.

To try and get my little vice out of my system, I’m starting a new feature, Covet Corner. It will showcase my current loves and lusts from the world of Kids, Style, Home and Beauty.

Oh yes, with a little Fab Under A Fiver thrown in at the end.

What about you? What are you coveting right now?

This week my theme is 50 Shades of Grey – but don’t worry / sorry (depending on your point of view), there’s no bondage here.

I just LOVE the grey.

This little lot have got me wheezing with lust? What do you think?
Covet Corner #1 Collage Ed
STYLE: Ganni Pink Waisted Crepe Dress, from Atterley Road I love a print dress, (or “splashy” dress as my 5 year-old calls them) and I adore pink as much as grey, so the colour combination is making me sigh. I like the demure neckline perfectly balanced by a (relatively) short hemline to keep it sassy. Perfect for summer! If only I owned it!

HOME: Flamingoes wallpaper, Sanderson. Sadly, this is just a very generous sample. My husband said: “Pink? Flamingoes?” I’m still working on him…

Lamp-base and silver drum shade, Laura Ashley. I already own two of these, but I love them so much I am craving two more, for our bedroom. I love the nod to Ancient Greek columns, and silver is just shiny grey so what’s not to love.

KIDS: Hello Apparel Flamingoes V-Neck T-shirt. Did I mention I like flamingoes? Check this out – I’d wear it myself! Unfortunately this is not (yet?) stocked at the UK’s only official importer of Hello Apparel but I am working on them… You can get it from the Hello mothership in Phoenix, but I am always put off by possible customs and taxes charges.

BEAUTY: Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser, Laura Mercier
I first fell in love with Laura Mercier when I got married, and bought the works for the big day. Now, nine years later, I have scraped every last bit out and, although I’ve replaced the tinted moisturiser a couple of times, I can’t justify it at the moment. I have been so long out of the game I haven’t even tried the Illuminating one, but I’m sure it can only improve on the gorgeous light but effective coverage and glow of the original.  Plus it has SPF 20 – essential to fight the dreaded wrinkles.


CC Press n Seal

Here I will often be showing my worryingly domesticated side. For example, I absolutely love these sandwich bags. Can you believe I just said that? Yep, these specific ones, Baco bags sandwich press’n’seal 50s, £1.35. I just can’t bear the fiddliness of those ones where you have to press the train track seal back together. The kids find these so easy to use.

I use them to store all the tiny bits of tat I am constantly finding in my house (where does it come from?): loo m bands, those tiny Lego bits that haven’t even got a press stud on them, random jigsaw pieces. They are a great holding place before they make their way to the bin (after allowing the kids a decent period of reclaim time).
This is not a sponsored post. Obvs, as I don’t own any of the items. YET!



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