Love Is…Always Weeing Last

This Valentinestide, I was tagged in My Petit Canard’s beautiful “Love Is…” post by the lovely Mummy Swan @Theswan_project. So, here we go:

Love Is…

Cleaning up chunks. 

Searching for a teeny, tiny Star Wars Lego minifigure in a teeming, grimy ball pit – and finding it! 

Wishing all day that they would all just go to sleep; then as soon as they are all asleep, wishing they were awake.

Blowing up a T-Rex the size of my 4-year old by mouth – and not minding when he turns straight back to the TV.

Constantly yearning to have a break from the domestic fold; then within 10 minutes of making my escape, crying into the steering wheel I miss them so.

Always, always weeing last. We go into the baby change. I am desperate – desperate – for the loo. Child 1 somehow shoots onto the loo in the time it takes me to lock the door. I wipe him and set him a-handwashing and prepare my descent. Child 2 slithers underneath and takes the throne. I sort him out too and start undoing my jeans; but just then, I notice an aroma in the air. Child 3 suddenly has a red face and a nappy that can’t wait. I change him. It’s a beauty. Finally, I take my seat. The moment has almost – almost – passed. But I can’t risk being triple gazumped again. I relax and release. My IPhone falls down the loo. Like lightning I fish it out, but it’s screen of death already. I start to cry. My boys huddle round me on the loo. And that’s what Love Is…

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