What To Wear To BritMums Live? 2015 Update

I’m going to BritMums Live

Updated for BritMums 2015 – another year, another wardrobe dilemma!

(See bottom of post.)

I’m going to BritMums Live – yay! I have nothing to wear – agh! Reader, please advise – what does one wear to BritMums Live?

A New Event = Attire Anxiety

A new event in my calendar is a source of supreme excitement – and a great excuse for a new outfit. And in the case of BritMums Live, two outfits! One for the BIBs and another for the Saturday blogfest. I know I have time, but I’m in a bit of a sartorial fuzz.  I’ve never been before, I’ve got no points of reference and I don’t want to look like a nob.

What Do Other Mummy Bloggers Wear? Children, it seems.

I’ve been peering at all of your profile pictures and I can conclude that what most parent bloggers wear is: children. At least one, artfully draped round the neck, possibly with one or two more in flattering shades. Easy – I have three of those. But, wait! They are not coming (*dances round the room*). Obviously, I exclude from the children-wearers the fab bloggers who post on fashion and style. But which of their dazzling and multitudinous outfits are most suitable for BritMums Live? Are we talking kid’s 4th birthday party, best friend’s 40th, or mother’s 60th?

Caught Between a Tart and a Frump

Being in the hinterland between my 30s and 40s, I feel like I should dress responsibly even if I don’t drink responsibly (are you kidding? I’m away from home!). I’m assuming it is “jeans for the day, dress for the eve”? Sounds so simple – but what a huge, glorious spectrum that opens up. I don’t want to be the one who sets groups whispering, “Who’s the poledancer?”, or, indeed, “Is she thirtysomething or NINETYsomething?” I’m caught between a tart and a frump.

Wear What’s In Your Wardrobe? Erm…

These are the occasions I have outfits for:

  • the school run
  • weddings (as long as none of the same people are there)
  • parents’ evenings / nativities / hypothetical interviews (all the same dress)

What about when you go out? I hear you cry. Well, the time I went out in 2013 I took my profile pic, in which you will see I am mostly wearing lightbulbs.

 Unfortunately, they are still affixed to the pub’s ceiling, so I won’t be able to sport those. Neither can I wear that top, as a) you’ve all seen it now and b) I lost the “bung a handwash only item in the machine” gamble.

While I’m still interested in fashion and looking nice, I don’t really buy much stuff. There seems little point as for 10 months of the year all anyone outside the home sees is my coat.  I do love my cosy, semi-trendy parka, but by June I will be ready to throw it in the bin. And inside the home all they see is my dressing gown.

As you can see, I’m in a bit of a plumage pickle. So, please be forthcoming with your suggestions and your own outfit plans. And if you have a mo, please take my quick quiz on practical matters.

Top Outfit Considerations: A Quiz 
1. Is BritMums Live hot, cold or ambient? If I come accessorized with fashion scarf and some sort of (as yet un-bought) jacket, will I be carrying them round all day as I sweat in the balmy atmosphere of that much bloggy love?
2. What is the average mileage? Or, what is the ideal heel height (daddy bloggers, I’m particularly looking for your input here)?
3. Will I be given loads of stuff? I don’t mean freebies (much!), I mean info packs, business cards etc. That is to say: what size bag will I need?
4. Density of gin taps and snack stations – again, a bag/flask-size related question.
5. Is there any danger of loo roll running out? The bag thing again.
6. Will it be raining?  Just joking.

It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear, Just As Long As You Are There*

I have, of course, Googled this issue and was reassured to find that similar sartorial dilemmas befell leading mummy bloggers last year (for example, Marianne at Mari’s World and Annie at mammasaurus), and that it seems a nice dress is the order of the day, which is just fine with me.  Also a cracking pair of shoes, as advised by Kelly at Domestic Goddesque. There was also a key bit of intel from The Boy and Me, which I kind of suspected and hoped would be the case:

“No-one cares what anyone wears anyway.”

Great! Can’t wait to see you all there! I’ll be the one in my dressing gown.

*Name that tune and show your age!

2015 Update

Having attended BritMums Live now, I can honestly say that – it really doesn’t matter what you wear! There is a huge range, from flowery frocks to jeans and jumpers. No one cares – they will be scanning your face to try and recognise you from your blog photo or peering at your chest to read your name badge!

Personally, I found the temperature to be very pleasant, not too hot and not too cold, like baby bear’s porridge.

The loo roll didn’t run out but take tissues as some of the speeches are devastatingly moving – and some will make you cry with laughter.

You will be given loads of stuff, yep. It’s awesome!

I walked round a LOT! I’d pop a pair of comfy shoes in your bag if you are wearing heels.

What am I wearing?

Bright pink! Of course.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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