Other Mums

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Me with two of my three beautiful sons.



To my children

 Other mums are never late

Last mum standing at the school gate.

Other mums bake lovely cakes,

Their icing doesn’t run all over the plate.

Other mums on rainy days

Have fun lined up, go to a soft play.

Other mums never forget

Your sippy cup, book bag, a promise not met.

Other mums never break down,

Cry in front of you or even frown.

Other mums are playdate queens

There’s no one to whose house you’ve not been.

Other mums baby massage

You every night straight after your bath.

Other mums are calm first thing

Get ready for the day without shouting.

Other mums are super cooks,

Make healthy meals without a book.

Other mums know the next step

Research it, plan it, have it all in their heads.

Other mums don’t dry each grape

One by one ‘cos you like them that way.

Other mums steer clear of mud

Don’t let you sit in puddles you’ve jumped.

Other mums don’t catch your hand

When you stumble or struggle to understand.

Other mums don’t recognise

The grace of your body, the glory of your mind.

Other mums do things perfectly,

But no other mum loves you like me.


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