The Lego Easter Story

Easter 1There’s nothing like Easter to make your child ask about death. As they grow older, the questions get harder to answer. “When you die, will you come back to life, mummy?” Fobbing them off with a Creme Egg only gets you so far. So we created the Lego Easter Story.

“I’m not going to die till I’m 100,” is my standard response to questions about my death. This normally quietens their fears, but last time I used it, they got upset, crying, “That means you only have 61 years left!” ‘Curse you, Maths’, I muttered, as I tried to convince them that this is still a LONG time. Then they asked the real biggie, the one that makes my heart clench inside and tears start in my eyes:

“When will I die, mummy?”

“Not for a long, long time darling.”

Tight hugs, drippy tears on soft hair.

“I know, let’s play with your Lego!”

My children are 7 and 5. (I also have a toddler, but he’s not that into theology yet.). It’s important to me that they understand the joyful message of Easter, and I’m happy to let them talk about their thoughts. But we could all do with a distraction sometimes.

It was my eldest’s idea to create the Easter Story from Lego. They’ve just been making comic strips in ICT, based on photos of themselves in superhero scenes, so he was keen to make an Easter comic. So here is his handiwork: The Lego Easter Story.

Easter 1 ed

Easter 2 edEaster 3 ed

Easter 4 ed

Happy Easter!


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