Whose Lie-In Is It Anyway?

Lie-In Flowchart

A bank holiday means one thing: a lie-in. But whose? Maybe you had Saturday and your partner had Sunday or vice versa. But who gets the bonus snooze? Use my handy flowchart to decide!

Money, housework, sex and kids are the most common causes of arguments between couples, science says. But I’d like to add the unsung anti-hero of marital discord – surely the most heated topic of every weekend: The Lie-In.

The Lie-In:

The Holy Grail of Parenting.

The Sanity-Saver.

The Energy-Reviver.

The only thing that makes another day with the babies bearable.

We haven’t got a newborn any more. but ye gads do we get woken up a lot. Only a couple of nights ago, we had not one, not two, but SEVEN wake-ups, spread at hourly intervals by our considerate three. Two each and one for luck from the baby.

We’re definitely a couple that need their lie-ins. We have tried both getting up and it’s a miracle our marriage survived.

On normal weekends we have a civilised quid pro quo, where one of us gets up on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday. It works. But on bank holidays, the gloves are off. Who deserves the bonus bed time?

Is it the one who got up in the night?

The one who had the shortest lie-in of the weekend (oh yes, we keep records)?

The one who has a hard week at work ahead of them?

The one who carried three babies for nine months and brought them into the world?

Just to make it fair, I drew up the handy flowchart above. It’s based not just on our own “discussions” but on a very scientific survey I conducted – amongst a few of my mummy mates.

Does it work? Well, put it this way. My husband had the lie-in this morning…

Sound familiar? Does the “I went through labour!” argument work for you?

Can you name the 1980s Clive Anderson show referred to in the title? Answer in the comments and I’ll send you a virtual tube of Smarties.

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  • Charlene says:

    Whose line is it anyway! Loved that one *stuffs face with the orange ones*
    We have a rule that mama sleeps in on Saturday and Dad on Sunday. It’s supposed to be non negotiable, no swops in order to avoid any manipulation on my part.
    Charlene recently posted…When will my baby sleep through the night? – EllaMy Profile

  • Oh my goodness! I remember these days well. The arguments over the lie-in were incessant. And why did the kids get up at 5 on ‘my’ day and 7 on my husband’s? We swapped days and the kids swapped too. So glad we don’t have to go through this.
    But you totally should have had that lie-in.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The new kitchen (at last!)My Profile

  • Oh Jess this is flipping fantastic, I need to print out for the husband ha ha ha xx
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…Signs I Need To Get A Grip & Step AwayMy Profile

  • Suzanne says:

    Whose Line Is It Anyway? Of course! Yes I’m old 😉 We always used to take it in turns when the kiddies were younger by somehow I think a lie in makes me even more grumpy than I usually am in the mornings….if that’s possible. I don’t think there should be a contest – the one who does the lion’s share of childcare needs the break. End of! Great post 🙂

    • Wry Mummy says:

      I know what you mean – it sounds ungrateful but when i come down from a lie in and no one’s dressed or had breakfast and the place is a tip, I get a little testy! x

  • Mummy Tries says:

    Ahhhh man if only it were this simple. I did actually get a lie in the other day, but on the back of a truly hideous ‘nights sleep’ with the little man! Another brilliant post lovely lady xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Has it Really been 10 Years?My Profile

    • Wry Mummy says:

      Oh it must be even worse as I know you have sleep struggles with your little ones at the moment – when both of you are exhausted it’s hard to call who gets the lie-in. xx

  • That chart is genius….. I am printing it out and hanging it on our bedroom wall. Bank holidays are very tricky and my other half assumes and follows through (without any questions) on the Monday being HIS morning for a lie-in after he’s also had Sunday too…… *taps fingers on desk*. X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…The Pill CutterMy Profile

  • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! I’ll be printing this handy flow chart & sticking it to the OH’s forehead. Many, many thank wrymummy!
    amiecaitlin: bumpbabyme recently posted…Kate’s in labour: leave her in peaceMy Profile

  • Sue Robinson says:

    Love this! We have another hat I could use the flow chart for, who’s turn to take the little cherub to bed. Same kind of logical discussions for this one in our house 😮

  • John French says:

    I like this flow chart, up until the last few arrows…. My girlfriend has the Saturday lie in and I have the Sunday. Bank holidays we normally alternate (think there’s eight in the year in the UK), so no fall out there. A chart is also needed for ‘who’s turn is it to get up in the night to walk bleary eyed into two pieces of furniture and half open door to see why the little one is crying’.

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