The Child-Friendly Bookcase: Tidy Books Review

Kids do judge a book by its cover – so this lovely bookcase is the perfect choice.

My children tend to find reading material by emptying all their books on the floor – or, worse, not bothering at all. So I was delighted when Tidy Books offered me the chance to review their forward-facing children’s bookcase.

Children are obviously interested in books long before they can read, so seeing the covers is more important to them than a row of spines. Even when they can read, it’s easier for them to find a book at a glance if they are facing out. As Tidy Books says:

Children do judge a book by its cover!


Bookcase, normal with monkey

We’ve got loads of books in ours and it’s not full to capacity – it can hold up to 85 books. As you can see, the bookcase is deep enough to fit a few books but not so bulky that the titles at the back get lost, thus defeating the object. With different size shelves, it’s great for all our out-size books and the ledges at the front stop the small ones falling out.

Bookcase side view

It’s lovely to keep all my son’s favourites on display so he can find one for me to read to him. He’s only just three but he can still reach all the shelves. Children being simple creatures – like most of us! – they say what they see, so it’s easy to introduce new books – I just pop them on the shelf and let him feel like he’s the one making the discovery.

It’s also a nice display area to collect together books of a certain type, or season. I got very excited hunting down all our Christmas books to show off for the boys in our new bookcase. Many are very special to me, the actual ones from my own childhood all those hundreds of years ago, (as my children seem to think!).

Christmas frontal

The bookcase is very simple to put together. It comes with safety fixings to attach it to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over. Available in a number of different colour ways (blue, pink, white and natural wood with a choice of upper and lower case letters), it would suit any child’s bedroom or playroom. I liked how its slim shape means it provides a lot of storage without taking up too much room.

The bookcase makes a lovely Christmas present for a child – and his parents will also appreciate it, as it’s practical as well as great for inspiring a love of books and reading. The bookcases are also produced in a way that is friendly to the environment, made out of wood from sustainable sources and finished with eco-friendly water lacquer (meaning low VOCs). You can even buy a personalised bookcase to make your gift extra special!



Putting books at the heart of my son’s room has certainly increased his independent interest in them – which is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Christmas bookcase Collage



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